Who we are and what we do

Lean is a Ducth employment agency and payroll company for the manufacturing industry. We are located in Asten in the Netherlands, right in the heart of South-East Brabant and North Limburg.

Our customers get the work done. Why do they do business with Lean?



Administrative hassle out of your hands

All you have to do is call or email us to post a vacancy, sign the order confirmation and provide the weekly hours. We take care of the salary, time processing and payments.

Hassle with staff solved

We unburden you in the HR field. We assist employees with absenteeism and training. And we provide good housing and transport to and from work.


Motivated people

We treat our people as people. For example, we house our migrant workers in houses. Not in containers or mobile homes. More comfortable living means less stress and a good night's sleep. And our people receive appropriate transport to get to their workplace. No vans. After all, who wants to wait for a colleague who isn't ready after a hard day's work?

Advice in your favor

We know exactly about all tax regulations and laws and regulations. We work transparently. We provide you with sound and substantiated advice in your favor.


Personal approach

We will talk to you if you have a vacancy. Our account manager Wiljan Beelen comes by or calls. This way we can coordinate well with your wishes.

Reliable and experienced partner

We do business openly and honestly. We work for entrepreneurs who understand that we cannot do magic, but try to match demand as best as possible in accordance with their wishes. We are new to the manufacturing industry, but have over 25 years of staffing and payroll experience in other sectors. 175 companies preceded you there.


Curious how we arrange things?