Frequently Asked Questions

For which customers does Lean work?

We work for entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry. For example in metal, assembly and technology.

The majority of these entrepreneurs 'need the hands'. The work is not difficult or complicated. But it must be done.

Other entrepreneurs see our services as a practical way to keep the administration or HR matters on the right track. This gives them time to fully focus on other things.

What kind of work can you provide temporary workers for?

Our temporary workers want to do the work for which they need little or no training. Roughly speaking: you need the hands, they want to work. Although it is sometimes a bit more nuanced. We try to find the right match.

What if I have a vacancy?

Call or email our account manager Wiljan Beelen that you have a vacancy. He will then make an appointment to discuss the content of your vacancy.

This vacancy appointment always takes place face-to-face or by telephone. So not by email. This way we get expectations clear on all sides. The better we know what you are looking for, the greater the chance that we will find a good match. Anybody would be disappointed if they think they're going to weld and then be put to work as a turner. We want motivated employees. Hence the personal approach.

Are labor migrants cheaper labor than the Dutch?

No, labor migrants are even slightly more expensive than the Dutch. Everyone who works in the Netherlands is paid in accordance with the same collective labor agreement. Whether you are a labor migrant or a Dutch citizen: you receive the same amount for the same work. In addition, the migrant workers have to be housed and need transport to get to work. The costs for accommodation and transport are for the client. That is not the case if you work with Dutch people. But they just don't always want to do the work you have to offer.

Do you work with a card catalog?

No, we do not work with a card catalog. We are looking for the right person for your vacancy.

What if the capacities of the temporary worker are disappointing?

All parties are helped if the match between people and work is as good as possible. We do our best for that. But sometimes things don't go as expected. In that case, you can send the temporary worker home. The contract can be canceled at any time.

What if I already have staff myself, but am tired of the administration?

Then you can put your people on our payroll. That is comparable to employing someone yourself. But then without administrative hassle, without HR issues and without having to solve sickness absence yourself.

We ensure that your people are paid on time and that all payments are made. In that case, your people are not covered by the temporary employment collective agreement, but by the collective agreement of the sector in which you work. This means that they fall into the average pension scheme and receive a contract for a definite or indefinite period of time.

Call or email our account manager Wiljan Beelen for a no-obligation insight into the costs.


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