Where do you end up when you work at Lean?

Lean is an employment agency for people who want to work in the Dutch manufacturing industry. For example in metal, assembly or technology. We are located in Asten, right in the heart of South-East Brabant and North Limburg (Netherlands).

We are always looking for motivated people who want to do work for which training is less important. Wherever you come from. Why should you work for Lean?

 Salary in accordance with the Dutch Collective Labor Agreements

If you do temporary work through us, you will be paid in accordance with the salary standards of the Dutch collective labor agreements. It does not matter whether you are a labor migrant or a Dutch citizen.

 A job that suits you

We look at your wishes and skills. For example, are you at home in metalwork? Or would you rather work at a wood workshop or in a factory? Are you open to weekend shifts? Or do you prefer regular working hours? With Lean you can indicate what you want.

 Paid on time every week

Your boss or yourself keeps track of your hours. He, she or you will pass this on to us on a weekly basis. We pay your hours every Friday. We are very precise about that. We do what we promise.

 Paperwork well arranged

We'll handle the paperwork. Lean complies with all Dutch laws, rules and standards. We make clear agreements up front. Everything is transparent with us.

 Good place to live for migrant workers

You work hard every day. Then it is nice to have a space to yourself after work. That is why as a labor migrant you get a good place to live in a house. Not in a residential unit or mobile home. We think it is important that you live comfortably.

 Own bicycle or car for migrant workers

Everyone wants to go home right after work. We want to avoid having to wait for colleagues at the end of your working day who have not yet finished working. You will therefore have your own bicycle, electric bicycle or car at your disposal.

 We speak your language

Lean employs people who speak Polish, Russian, German, English or Dutch. You can contact us with all your questions.

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